Huffington Post sale: who gets the $315m? | Media |

The $315m (£195m) acquisition of the Huffington Post by AOL means a payday for three venture capital firms, and the small band of private investors who have supported Arianna Huffington since she launched the site in 2005.

According to Drudge, Huffington is going to walk with a cool $19 million. I wonder if she is going to hand over her “fair share” to everyone who is working at HP? I won’t hold my breath, she has an issue with paying her help only because she doesn’t have to.

Gawker ran this article in June of 2009.!5299052/slave-labor-the-new-new+media-profit-model
Of course Gawker points out that the bloggers at HP are volunteers, in other words, they sacrifice for the common good of the cause and don’t make a dime.

It seems that Arianna rode both the writers and subscribers at her blog all the way to the bank.

She will probably hangout with Babs, sip mimosas, laugh, party and rub shoulders with the rest of the liberal elite while her leftist readers and bloggers weep.

$315 million?

I have only one word to say to her followers, readers and contributors of the Huffington Post.



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