I my opinion one of the worst Democrat presidents these past 50 years has got to be Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th President of the United States (1963-1969)

Lyndon B. Johnson

During Johnson’s years has President of the United Sates, the size of the federal government expanded under his “Great Society” program.
Johnson’s war on poverty, though noble, has proven itself a failure.

Over 40 years since the great society was instituted we still have the American poor, proving that the federal government is incapable of taking care of the ills that plague our nation. The programs that entail the great society have ballooned the size of our government, spawned huge bureaucracies, have shackled the American tax payer with heavy burdens and excessive regulation at the same time buried the nation under a mountain of debt.

The great society program has proven to be one of the greatest government failures that haunt our nation today but the great society is not LBJ’s biggest blunder

The great society program pales in comparison to this Democrat’s failure with the Vietnam War.
During the rein of Lyndon Johnson over 38,000 men lost their lives in Vietnam.

Below is a Bill Moyers film documenting Lyndon Johnson’s uncertainty on what to do about Vietnam.
In a phone conversation March 2, 1964 with Senator J. William Fulbright, Johnson believes that sending troops to Vietnam would result in a long protracted war (about 8:40 in the clip).
Johnson enters this fiasco with a defeatist attitude, this is the first of many mistakes.

I found these two videos to be quite fascinating, based on the fact that everyone who gives counsel to Johnson have already accepted America’s defeat in their minds.
below is part 2

Chaos, confusion and incompetency abound in these films, Johnson and his advisers are constantly grasping for straws and looking for solutions.

The incompetency of these Democrats is astounding.

By the time LBJ left office in 1968 (he didn’t seek a second term) the United States was in the process of being handed a huge military defeat. When the U.S. got out of Vietnam in 1975, Saigon had fallen to the communist.

A total of 58,202 Americans died as result of this war.
A total of 304,704 were wounded
A total of 2,338 were reported as missing in action.
The nation’s fabric was torn to shreds by the anti-war demonstrations and civil discourse.
The United States went from being the largest creditor nation to being in debt.
Taxes and the size of government grew by leaps and bounds.

If there was anything to be learned from America’s “Johnson experience” is this.

Democrats are the most incompetent group of people you could put in charge of something.

And! The government can not be trusted.

A smaller less intrusive government with a strong military and competent leadership is what America needs the most.

BTW when seeking counsel, Johnson never once sought the advice of a conservative.


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  7. Anonymous says:

    one of the reasons you give that LBJ is the worst, 58k lives lost. Then, in your opinion, Lincoln was worse then LBJ as 600k lives were lost. Anyone can slant the numbers. I’m not a hater of any party. I believe our president is our president and it is the political parties that give us poor choices.

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