Ruling Egypt After Mubarak: Presidential Contenders Emerge – Yahoo! News

At the top of the list may be Amr Moussa. State TV reported Friday that the former Egyptian foreign minister would be stepping down as Secretary General of the Arab League, where he has served for nearly a decade, renewing speculation over a presidential bid. The long-time diplomat has a large popular following in Egypt because of his habit of publicly criticizing policies of the U.S. and Israel, in marked contrast to Mubarak’s quiescence. And he may be the only contender praised in a chart-topping song. Moussa made local headlines over a year ago when he demurred on the question of whether he would make a bid for the presidency, and his name has been at the tip of many tongues in Tahrir Square. “All of Egypt loves Amr Moussa,” says Ali Hassan, a 21-year-old student. For Egypt’s allies, Moussa may have the added appeal of being “not far from the establishment,” Rashwan says. “That will be a kind of guarantee to international powers that Egyptian foreign policy will be stable.”

via Ruling Egypt After Mubarak: Presidential Contenders Emerge – Yahoo! News.

The BBC has an interesting profile on Amr Moussa.

Amr Moussa


According to the BBC and Yahoo articles, Moussa in the past has expressed harsh words for the United States and Israel, he takes a pro Palestinian and anti-Israel position.

We could be exchanging the devil we know (Mubarak) for the devil we don’t know!

If this is the case then the Democrats blew it big time with Egypt.

Murbarak is 82 years old and wasn’t going to stay in power forever, it would have been wise for Washington to pull Murbarak aside and point this out, then work with him to groom a successor.
What the Democrats did do was push for the ouster of Murbarak, throwing all caution to the wind resulting in Egypt becoming a huge power vacuum waiting to be filled.

A popular man like Moussa may fill that void perfectly and could possibly result in years of headaches for the U.S. and Israel.

See why I’m not that excited over this whole thing?
Time will tell.


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  1. Egyptian unfortunate enough to come across your blog says:

    Nothing can be more insulting to an Egyptian than such claims. WE could be exchanging him? WE groom a successor? Yes, you, the West – because afterall, the future of the Egyptian people is nothing more than a matter of state interest to you. Forget that millions of people went out and put their lives on the line to call for principles that you supposedly live by and uphold – democracy, liberty, human rights – but the only thing that matters now is whether ‘the next guy will give us headaches.’ When are you people going to learn to stop meddling in other countries’ affairs – it has only tarnished your image infront of the whole world, and the only language you speak is that of violence. Your decades of supporting dictators that oppressed millions across the developing world, and only strengthening their undemocratic and corrupt systems, vouch for that. In other words, you’re a real, ignorant ass hole.

    • Mr Caps says:

      Well Mr. Douchbag

      democracy, liberty, human rights

      Is that what you really stand for?
      Is that what kind of government you are going to be left with?

      You went from a stable country to an unstable mess with no telling what the end result is going to be.

      Sharia law perhaps?

      You tell me my friend, what kind of government do you think you are going to get?

      • Egyptian unfortunate enough to come across your blog says:

        That’s not what your post is about. And last time I checked, a democracy meant that the people get to pick what kind of rule they want – even if they choose “evil” Sharia law. That is there choice. You have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about, go watch Fox News and believe that your foreign policy’s main purpose is to help oppress those “barbaric, uncivilized brown people.” YES, chants were calling for democracy, liberty and human rights. YES, there are political Islamists that have a different interpretation of those words. And it’s our choice as a people – not yours as a superpower – to pick our fate and choose who will govern us.
        We weren’t a stable country you ignorant dimwit, we were an autocracy – thousands of arbitrary arrests, torture cases, forced disappearances, human rights abuses, no health care or education or any protection of laborers’ rights – which part of any of this denotes stability?
        This “unstable mess” you talk about is a transition to democracy, it’s a time of renewal, and we’re damn proud of our accomplishment. We did it without your millions in foreign aid (how’s your debt crisis working for you?), we did it without your government’s useless, hypocritical rhetoric on democracy.

        Even if we get Sharia law, atleast it was the people’s choice, and that’s what democracy is. But it seems that the US policy, and you, are only for democracy when it suits your best interest, when it’s how YOU want it to be – but if it doesn’t, “fuck them, leave them oppressed.”

        • Mr Caps says:

          Mr. “Douchbag” (according to your e-mail address)

          You are putting words in my mouth that I did not say and making accusations that can not be backed up with facts.
          Re-read my post.

          A democracy is when 2 wolves and a lamb vote on what to have for lunch.
          A constitutional republic is a society governed by laws to prevent that lunch from taking place.

          I see war is breaking out on the Egyptian/Israeli boarder, there was stability there when Mubarak was in charge.

  2. Egyptian unfortunate enough to come across your blog says:

    My email address, the unreal one, calls you a douchebag (hence the “youreadouchebag”)

    1. Nice way to get out of the argument. (not really)
    2. I’ve already discussed having a bill of rights, guaranteeing a separation of powers, already writing up the constitution, etc. Thanks, we’re familiar with democracy and rule of law, and we’ll have this own discussion amongst ourselves – keep your own wisdom to figuring out what the heck is going on in your own country.
    3. War isn’t breaking out – you have absolutely no clue on Middle East politics if you think so. No one, except the crazy radical groups hanging out in the dessert that both governments are working to combat, is asking for a war.
    4. Mubarak didn’t maintain a stable peace. He angered his people, he left little dignity in our foreign relations, he represented his own views and not those of the majority of people – and we have the right to a democracy, and a representative government, just like anyone else.

    Think and read before you post again. Thanks.

    • Mr Caps says:

      I’ll tell you what, I’m still pessimistic and I will remain so until the outcome of the elections, then we will see if you have a democracy or something different.
      I hope for you’re sake and Egypt’s sake that democracy does prevail.

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