‘Fake’ Sick Notes Given to Wisconsin Protesters Amid Anti-Union Bill Faceoff

As thousands of protesters on both sides of an epic budget standoff in Wisconsin faced off Saturday at the Capitol, alleged doctors were handing out ‘fake’ sick notes to protesters — allowing them to call in sick while the budget impasse continues.

Protesters told Fox News they obtained the notes from alleged doctors standing on street corners handing them out to whomever asked. The protesters said doctors did not examine or inquire about their current health condition before passing the notes out.

via ‘Fake’ Sick Notes Given to Wisconsin Protesters Amid Anti-Union Bill Faceoff – FoxNews.com.

Andrew Breitbart who happens to be on the ground amongst the protesters received a sick note from one of the Doctors on the street.

I wonder if these “Doctors” hand out medication the same way?
I’ve heard around the campfire that a lot of these Democrats are depressed because they are so self-absorbed. I would not be surprised if these doctors are the same ones who prescribe them their meds.

On a more serious note, if these teachers are receiving sick pay when they are not sick that would be fraud.
If these unions are promoting this then how can we trust them on anything?


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