Wis. GOP ups pressure on Dems to return and vote

Wisconsin Republicans on Sunday upped the pressure on Democrats who fled to Illinois to return home and vote on an anti-union bill, with the governor calling them obstructionists and a GOP lawmaker threatening to convene without them.

Gov. Scott Walker said the 14 minority Democrats who left Madison on Thursday were failing to do their jobs by “hiding out” in another state. And Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said his chamber would meet Tuesday to act on non-spending bills and confirm some of the governor’s appointees even if the Democrats don’t show up—a scenario that should outrage their constituents.

via Wis. GOP ups pressure on Dems to return and vote.

Ha…It looks like the Republicans are going to steamroll their agenda in Wisconsin.
Here is a short list of things they could get done while the Democrats are hiding out in bars across state line.

Governor Walker could change a lot of frivolous educational standards, industrial construction permits, grant a few community development waivers, repeal excessive environmental controls, make some regulatory committee appointments and repeal some oppressive business regulations.

H/T Missy8s

Take that you cowardly Democrats!



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