Public schools no place for teachers’ kids

More than 25 percent of public school teachers in Washington and Baltimore send their children to private schools, a new study reports.

Nationwide, public school teachers are almost twice as likely as other parents to choose private schools for their own children, the study by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute found. More than 1 in 5 public school teachers said their children attend private schools.

via Public schools no place for teachers’ kids – Washington Times.

What parent doesn’t want the best education for their child?
According to the Washington Times story 1/3 of the public school teachers across the nation prefer to send their kids to a private/religious school for three primary reasons.
1. They offer better academic achievement.
2. They have a higher standard of discipline.
3. They offer a better atmosphere.

I think that it is just great that people can afford to do this, I happen to know quite a few people who send their kids to a private school and they tell me it is worth every penny.. but what about those parents who can’t afford to send their kids to a private school?
Shouldn’t they have the same opportunity as those parents who do?

Why don’t we, as a nation or on a state level, give parents vouchers so they can choose the school that they would like to have their children attend?
Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do?
Wouldn’t be nice if all parents had control over their child’s education and were able make choices in regards to that education?

Right now they can’t!
The teaches union (along with all the other unions) are a special interest group that is represented by the Democrat party and so long as the Democrats are in charge school vouchers will never happen.
The problem is with the unions, the NEA and the AFT know that if parents were to have school choice this would muscle in on their operations and they would lose power.
Because when it comes to these teacher’s unions it’s not about the kids but all about power. Just look at the hissy fit the Democrat-union establishment threw in Wisconsin, the unions gathered up their members, walked off the job, exploited and abandoned the kids that they claim to care so much about!
Just to retain the power and money that they are gaining off the backs of the hard working American taxpayer.
The Unions fear vouchers, with good reason, they know that when vouchers come parents will be pulling their children out of the unionized government schools and will be placing them in successful non-union schools.


Where’s your pro-choice now? Huh? Democrats! Where’s your pro-choice now?

(To hear the democrat’s response please click here)


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