These two videos audio clips are going viral on the web.

part 1

Part 2

The “prankster” behind these recordings is Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast.

These recordings establish quite a few facts.

Fact #1 Walker and Koch, even though the share the same politics, are not “in bed” with one another as the Democrats suggest. (If they were close political back room game players Walker would have immediately known that the man on the phone was an impostor through voice recognition.)

Fact #2 Walker is sticking to his guns, which we knew all along.

Fact #3 The union could be in legal trouble, has Walker pointed out if the unions are paying or providing for the Democrat Senators who fled this would violate a conflict of interest and would be an attempt to circumvent the work of the state, these have legal repercussions.

Some possible scenarios.
Ian Murphy could have possibly placed himself in legal trouble, not by recording phone conversations but by impersonating someone else in those conversations, not a fictional undercover character type but a real person, David Koch. This could be a form of identity theft.
It wouldn’t surprise me if Ian were to hear from Koch’s attorneys sometime soon, Koch could have a case on his hands and he may or may not pursue it.
I know if someone misrepresented himself as me before government officials I would be livid.
In Murphy’s interview with he hopes that Koch sues him.

Personally I don’t think this is going to turn into anything but what Ian Murphy did do was put himself and his website on the national radar.


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