OBAMA TO BIZ “We want to make sure we’re putting a little pressure on you guys …”

Obama’s kitchen cabinet on jobs meets to brainstorm

WASHINGTON (CNNMoney.com) — President Obama called a new team of business and labor leaders to the White House Thursday to brainstorm about how to create jobs and boost the economic recovery.

Taking a business-friendly tone, Obama told the Council for Jobs and Competitiveness he wants them to focus on coming up with new jobs creation ideas. But he also said that he wants to hear from them about where “you think the economy is right now.”

via Obama’s kitchen cabinet on jobs meets to brainstorm – Feb. 24, 2011.

The left wing philosophy on economics is the problem with our economy but I think the President might be getting it!

Here’s another quote from the article.

The president also noted that he believes lower wages abroad contribute to companies’ decision to manufacture overseas.

Really? Do you think so Mr President?

The problem with this nation isn’t the high unemployment, it is the anti business attitude coming out of Washington that stifles economic growth and results in high unemployment.
Our national unemployment rate is not the problem, it is a symptom of another problem.
The Democrat party way of running things.
You can not tax the wage payer and expect it to benefit the wage earner!
You can not throw excessive regulation at big and small business and expect them to survive!
Regulation, taxation, labor unions and class warfare do not make a good business climate!
Businesses in the U.S. will ether shutdown or leave…It is that simple and I think the President knows this.

Here’s some advice on how to fix the economy.

Applying pressure Dictating that businesses just go out and hire people is the most foolish and doomed to fail policy I ever heard of!

Why doesn’t Obama just take advice from a real President and get off our backs and allow America to be America?

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