Michelle Obama highlights new national security threat:Obesity prevents 25% of Americans from serving in armed forces

Forget about Wikileaks. Michelle Obama has warned about a new threat to America’s national security – obesity.

The First Lady claimed that one in four young Americans are unqualified to serve in the armed forces because they are too fat.

‘Childhood obesity isn’t just a public health issue, it’s not just an economic threat, it’s a national security threat as well,’ she said.

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via Dailymail Online.

I would have to say I’m a little lost for words on this one, The First Lady of the U.S. is a national security adviser?
Since when?
How did 25% of Americans not being able to serve in the armed forces become an issue let alone a threat? Are the Democrats planning a draft?

I don’t know the stats but I have a feeling that less then half of those who are eligible to serve in our volunteer armed services actually sign up and when they do they know that the weight issue would have to be dealt with if they don’t meet the minimum standards.

I don’t think diet has that much to do with it, these days when people relax they don’t go out to do something physical but plop down in front of the one eyed left wing preacher called television or spend hours playing video games, of course stuffing their face in the process.

I think with Obamacare and the ‘war’ on obesity the pump is being primed for something else.
DEMOCRATS! Their in your wallet, in your medicine cabinet and moving towards your dinner plate.
What could be next?

Looking like these guys?

This just paves the way for government control of your food.


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