A person wears sunglasses on a cloudy day for two reasons.
1. They have something wrong with their eyes and sunglasses have been ordered by the doctor .
2. They have something to hide.

U.S. Chinese Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr. showed up at a Chinese protest wearing dark sunglasses on a cloudy day..He was immediately recognized by the locals and called on his motivations.

Huntsman is resigning from his post has ambassador to China in April 2011, word around the campfire has it that he may run for the Republican nomination in 2012.

With protest growing throughout the world and governments being toppled as a result, having a U.S. diplomat show up at one of these protest could easily be taken the wrong way.

If the Obama administration is behind the Chinese protest (as evidence of Huntsman’s presence) the Chinese government could look at this and consider it an act of war, after all trying to overthrow and defeat a foreign government is the object of war so why would anyone expect the Chinese government look at this in any other way?
On the other hand, if Huntsman showed up out of curiosity then this would demonstrate poor judgment on his part and that would call into question his wisdom when it comes to making decisions.

I don’t think this will turn into anything big…but you never know.
(hat tip Glenn Beck)


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