Wisconsin Assembly Approves Plan to Curb Unions

Wisconsin Assembly Approves Plan to Curb Unions

MADISON, Wisc. – The Wisconsin state Assembly approved a Republican proposal early Friday to strip public sector unions of most collective-bargaining rights despite fierce objections from Democrats and labor unions.

The vote sets the stage for a showdown with state Senate Democrats who left Wisconsin last week to prevent a vote in that chamber, which also must approve the measure if it is to go into effect.

via Wisconsin Assembly Approves Plan to Curb Unions.

Passing the Wisconsin Assembly is not real big news but instead shows the legislative process is moving smoothly in Wisconsin and that the voters of that state are not going to cave to union special interest groups.
The real challenge is the state senate where the Democrats had fled like cowards across state lines denying the necessary quorum that is needed for the bill to be voted on in the senate.
When the Democrats come back to the senate floor then they will vote, it will pass and the governor will sign it into law.
It is just a matter of time.


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