William Jefferson Blythe Clinton is number 3 in the hit parade

Bill Clinton 43rd 1993-2001

I like to refer to Bill Clinton as the ‘accidental President’.
Clinton won the 1992 election with fewer percentage of votes then Michael Dukakis had gotten in 1988 election (43.01% to 45.65%).
This was made possible by a three way split with Bush (37.45%) and independent H. Ross Perot who had taken the swing vote (18.91%).
Bill Clinton had become president because he had the most votes, not because a majority of the voters voted for him, this deprived Clinton of a mandate and left him with little political clout.

Of all recent presidents that come to mind Bill Clinton entered the White House under the best of circumstances.
1. The cold war and arms race had ended due to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
2. The nation was at peace.
3. The economy, having just come out of mild recession, was going strong.
Other than a few minor foreign policy issues there wasn’t any real issues that Clinton had to contend with.

I look at Bill Clinton has a seat warmer, somebody who was filling a spot with no serious problems to deal with…He was just there, filling a spot.
But unlike Clinton’s predecessors (Reagan/Bush) and like the 2 Democrat administrations before him Bill Clinton would leave the nation in worse condition then he found it.

Clinton burns what little political clout he had.
Clinton is an extreme leftist and push for liberal polices that the American people did not want.
When Clinton took office in 1993 he immediately pushed a pro homosexual agenda by trying to force the military to accept homosexuals in their ranks, Don’t ask, Don’t Tell was born.
He also began push for a national health care program that the American people soundly rejected and resulted in a Republican controlled house after the 1994 mid-term elections for the first time in 40 years.

Bill Clinton’s scandals.
Bill Clinton was the most crooked presidents that I have witnessed, his administration was rocked by scandal after scandal, here’s the list.
You don’t have to take the above website’s word for it, do your own research.
Clinton was eventually impeached for perjury, though the Senate didn’t move to convict.

Clinton’s foreign policy
He had none.

Clinton’s policy on terrorism

Bill Clinton did something that I found to be completely incompetent and strengthened the hand of terrorism across the globe.
He treated terrorism as if it were a law enforcement issue.
This was a weak policy…Very weak and America paid dearly. By using the FBI to deal with an international issue what Clinton did was the equivalent of sending the keystone cops to take down the Mafia.
Putting a domestic law enforcement agency to go after international terrorist set the pace on how Clinton would pursue terrorism.
This weak and pathetic policy combined with no motivation to go after terrorist on an CIA/para-military level sent signals to Bin Laden and his cohorts that the U.S. wasn’t interested in seriously dealing with them.
Steadily the attacks on America and her interest abroad increased.

Byron York ran an article at National Review that sums Clinton’s handling of Terrorism quite nicely.

So Clinton talked tough. But he did not act tough. Indeed, a review of his years in office shows that each time the president was confronted with a major terrorist attack — the February 26, 1993, bombing of the World Trade Center, the Khobar Towers attack, the August 7, 1998, bombing of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and the October 12, 2000, attack on the USS Cole — Clinton was preoccupied with his own political fortunes to an extent that precluded his giving serious and sustained attention to fighting terrorism.

I witnessed this myself, watching the news and reading the papers it didn’t take rocket science to quickly figure out that Clinton had no interest in fighting terrorism and as the article points out “kicked the problem down the road” instead.
During Clinton’s tenure the terrorist attacks on U.S. targets aboard had grown and such size and scope that Clinton just couldn’t ignore it any longer and ordered the military to preform surgical strikes on select targets to which had very little affect, a token to appease the public.

Sending a 2 million dollar missile into an empty hut was not going to stop these terrorist and Clinton was clueless on what to do.
By the time Clinton left office in January of 2001 our nation had cells of Muslim terrorist trained and in place ready to strike when directed.

On Sept. 11, 2001 they did just that.

Bill Clinton sent a street cop to do a military job and the end result was tragic.
I give this guy a number 3 on my list of worst presidents ever, it is only because of his ignorance that keeps him from passing Carter for the number 2 spot.

It was Bill Clinton who had the opportunity to stop the terrorist movement prior to 9-11 and aggressively pursue these animals where ever they hid but he didn’t, that’s why I lay the blame at his feet.


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