The New York subway system draws its electrical power from the infamous 3rd rail, this rail sits in the center between the 2 running rails and provides much needed high voltage to power the train.
When touched it is almost always fatal.
For many years the Social Security system has been considered the 3rd rail of politics, if a politician were to try to change it their political careers would be doomed.
Now there is a new 3rd rail in American politics and it is called socialized medicine also know as “Obamacare”.

Judge to Prez: You Have 1 Week to Save Obamacare

The clock is ticking on the Obama administration’s plans to implement Obamacare.

That was the bottom-line result following a federal judge’s ruling Thursday giving the administration just seven days to file an expedited appeal either to the U.S. Supreme Court or the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

If the administration misses that deadline, it could face an injunction that would bring its implementation of Obamacare to a screeching halt in 26 states.

Judge Roger Vinson’s 20-page ruling chastised the government for dragging its feet before seeking a stay, or temporary suspension, of his January ruling that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. Vinson previously ruled that requiring individuals to make a federally mandated purchase — buying a healthcare plan — exceeds the federal government’s constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce.

via Judge to Prez: You Have 1 Week to Save Obamacare.

The democrats have always been the party that lived by the courts, when the courts would hand down a ruling it was as if God had spoken and the democrats would take it to the bank, especially if it favored one of their pet causes. Over the years when the democrats had the chance they would appoint activist judges to the bench, these judges would deliver rulings that undermined the legislative branch of our government by using the bench to change and create legislation through their ‘interpretation’ of the constitution.
In by doing this, the democrats would trample the will of the voters and trash the constitution through activist leftist judges, this is know as “judicial activism” California’s prop.8 is just one of many rulings that come to mind.

Florida’s Judge Roger Vinson is not an activist judge, he was appointed by Reagan in 1983 and has a solid constitutional understanding.
In January Judge Vinson ruled that Obamacare was unconstitutional.
The democrats are starting to learn that if you live by the courts you will die by the courts.
If Obama files an appeal within 7 days then Obamacare will go before the Supreme Court before 2012 making it a campaign issue, if an appeal isn’t filed by deadline then Obamacare will be dismantled, ether way you look at it Obamacare has become political poison for the democrats.

If November 2010 taught us anything is that Americans soundly reject this anti-American idea and if this becomes a campaign issue in 2012 it will prove again that socialized medicine, or socialism in any form, has become the new 3rd rail in American politics.


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