In the wake of these recent protest it would appear that the democrats have trashed the Wisconsin state house.

State says damage to marble at Capitol could hit $7.5 million – JSOnline

Madison – State officials said Thursday that damage to the marble inside and out the State Capitol would cost an estimated $7.5 million.

Cari Anne Renlund, chief legal counsel for the state Department of Administration, said in Dane County court that estimates of damage to marble includes $6 million to repair damaged marble inside the Capitol, $1 million for damage outside and $500,000 for costs to supervise the damage.

Much of the damage apparently has come from tape used to put up signs and placards at the Capitol.

It was not immediately clear how the estimates were made, though the state is apparently relying on opinions by historical architects, one of whom works for the U.S. Park Service.

via State says damage to marble at Capitol could hit $7.5 million – JSOnline.
I question this 7.5 million dollar figure, however the democrats have a history of leaving something in worse condition then they found it in.

The trashed the D.C. mall last year when they protested there.

These are the same folks who carry the mantle of environmentalism.

When the democrats took over the White House in the 1960’s America was left with the Vietnam war, a big mess that the republicans had to clean up when they took the over in 1968.

When the democrats took over in the late 1970’s our economy was left in ruin and the Soviet Union was expanding.
The republicans had to clean this up in the 1980’s.

When the democrats came into power again in the 1990’s they embarrassed the nation before the world and allowed terrorist to form cells on U.S. soil which in turn led to the attacks of Sept. 11 2001, republicans had to clean up this mess as well.

Once again we see America has lost her way and voted for the most leftist democrat controlled government (2008-2010) of my lifetime with a Marxist extremist in the White House!
Only time will tell how big of a mess these democrats are going to leave in their wake.

History has proven time and again that democrats leave things in worse condition then they find them and real Americans are stuck with the mess!


America put down the Kool-Aid and pay attention next time you vote.


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The guy behind the guy, exposing the tyranny of the Democrat Party and other rants.
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