Pro-Walker bus tour ends in Madison as protests at Capitol continue

Americans for Prosperity is a Virginia-based group launched in 2004 with money from David and Charles Koch, the billionaire brothers whose financial support of Walker’s gubernatorial campaign and alleged close ties to him have become part of the protest narrative.

via Pro-Walker bus tour ends in Madison as protests at Capitol continue.

It looks like a whooping 600 hundred people showed up at a pro-Walker rally in Madison Wisconsin on Sunday.
The rally was organized by a group sponsored by the Koch brothers, two billionaires that I have never heard of until this whole budget deal in Wisconsin began to make headlines.

After reading the news and browsing left wing websites I was given the impression that the “evil” Koch brothers had a lot of power and influence but that is just like the left, pulling Alinsky style tactics to isolate then demonize someone or a group of people.
Charles and David Koch just happened to be in the liberal’s ‘Alinsky crosshairs’ and it is obvious these two brothers are not the boogeymen that the left has made them out to be.
They drew a crowd of 600.
What the hell kind of power and influence is that?
Compared to the tens of thousands that the unions bused in the Koch brothers and their “influence” make it look like a mountain along side a mole hill respectively.

This just exposes the liberal left for what they are, lairs at the top of thier hierarchy and useful idiots at the bottom.


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