I’ve been reading recent websites and blog posts concerning the videos James O’Keefe and his colleagues posted online which had exposed NPR executives and their bigotry.
I’m amazed and somewhat disgusted that some websites continually focus on the people who made these undercover videos and not the videos themselves.

O’Keefe is promising more videos including the extended version of the one posted above.
Some of the undercover endeavors he has pursued in the past brought the liberal organization ACORN to its demise, everyone has heard of the ACORN scandal involving child sex trafficking (typical democrats) and despite the attacks on O’Keefe from the left the videos spoke and ACORN is no more.

Now here we are two years after ACORN and we have some new videos coming out that has exposed NPR’s racism, anti-Semitism and bigotry from the highest levels!
I could only imagine what the corporate culture must be like in this soon to be ex-federally funded organization!

The two liberal bigots in the above video are out of work having been fired by NPR as a result of their vain attempt to spin the situation.

Ron Schiller stepped down earlier this week and was supposed to take a job with the Aspen institute but it looks like he ‘ceded’ that job due to this video according to the Wall Street Journal.

Vivian Schiller the woman in the video was fired from her position at NPR effective today.
I thought that was V.Schiller in the video but I was just informed that it isn’t her, however she was fired from NPR as a result of this video.
(note: these two are not related except in their racist ideology)

I can’t wait for the other videos to come out, I’m hoping this will be the end of Corporation for Public Broadcasting along with NPR and PBS.

Only time will tell.

/rant off


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The guy behind the guy, exposing the tyranny of the Democrat Party and other rants.
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  1. thatmrgguy says:

    Actually, the woman in that video wasn’t Vivian Schiller. But still the video tells the tale on NPR and PBS.


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