The tragic 8.9 earthquake and following tsunami that struck Japan and killed hundreds of people has conjured up the spirit of good will amongst nations who are quick to help the Japanese in this time of need. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan and I hope for a speedy recovery from this tragedy.

24 hours have not yet passed and the Democrats are trying to take advantage of the situation for their own personal political gain.

The Democrat Party mouthpiece Mother Jones website is one of the first to do this.

Democrats on the house floor are also using this tragedy for political gain.

Japan is a very advance nation and they have their own tsunami warning system. Cutting some of Hawaii’s tsunami warning center’s bloated budget doesn’t compromise U.S. ability from predicting and warning people about the possibility of a tsunami strike.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” is the battle cry of the Democrats, they are living up to this mantra and it is disgusting.

I wonder how long before the environmentalist blame this on global warming?


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The guy behind the guy, exposing the tyranny of the Democrat Party and other rants.
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