White House Won’t Get Involved in Wisconsin Labor Protests

WASHINGTON — Union leaders urged Vice President Joe Biden during a White House meeting last month to go to Wisconsin and rally the faithful in their fight against Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s move to curtail collective bargaining rights for most public employees.

Request rebuffed, they asked for Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. So far, however, the White House has stayed away from any trips to Madison, the state capital, or other states in the throes of union battles. The Obama administration is treading carefully on the contentious political issue that has led to a national debate over the power that public sector unions wield in negotiating wages and benefits.

via White House Won’t Get Involved in Wisconsin Labor Protests – FoxNews.com.

Obama has already done enough to help the union’s cause. By proclaiming that Gov. Scott Walker had launched an assault on unions, Obama set the wheels in motion and fueled the fire that we have witnessed this past month in the state of Wisconsin.
Now he’s pretending to distance himself from it?
This is nothing more than a political dog and pony show coming from Washington, highlighting Obama’s fake move to the center and in a vain attempt to look moderate he continues his extremist left wing agenda.


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