Boycott of businesses that supported Walker gains steam on Facebook

“I don’t think I can be part of this anymore,” wrote Mary Possin, a small-business owner in Monona. Possin said she couldn’t support the page’s directions that consumers not buy products from businesses including Johnsonville Sausage, Sargento, Menards and M&I Bank.

“Has anyone considered the impact on the workers of these businesses? They will be the ones who are hurt,” Possin added, noting small businesses that carry boycotted products would be most vulnerable. “The fat cats will still be fat.”

via Boycott of businesses that supported Walker gains steam on Facebook.

The cry baby welfare queens who lost in Wisconsin are attempting a new strategy, boycotting businesses in the state who have supported Gov. Walker.
According to the article, the unions plan to single out and protest in front of businesses both small and large in an attempt to drive away customers.

Most boycotts don’t accomplish anything especially when they come from the left.
It will be interesting to see how this turns out, these crack addicts are going through some serious withdrawals and I have to confess it is fun watching them twitch.


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