ABC News-Washington Post Poll: Confidence in Government Falls to New Low – ABC News

Confidence in the U.S. system of government has dropped to a new low in more than 35 years, with public attitudes burdened by continued economic discontent, soaring gasoline prices, record opposition to the war in Afghanistan — and a letdown in hopes for political progress after a bout of bipartisanship last fall.

via ABC News-Washington Post Poll: Confidence in Government Falls to New Low – ABC News.

The deception begins in the very first paragraph of this piece of leftist propaganda.
“Confidence in the U.S. system of government”
Notice the deceptive wording?
There is nothing wrong with our “system of government” there is however a serious leadership problem in our government that causes people to rightfully lack confidence in that leadership.
By just taking a glance at this article you would come away with the impression that our government had something wrong with its structure and people didn’t like it, this would imply that people were fed up with the design of our government and that it should be changed.

Our system of government is divided into 3 separate branches each with its own function.

1. Judicial
2. Legislative
3. Executive

All 3 branches are governed by the laws laid out in the Constitution and none of these branches are greater than the other.

The article should read “confidence in government leadership has dropped to a new low”
It seems that the MSM’s news agency, ABC, is trying to spin this thing to place blame on the ‘system’ rather than the leadership, throughout the article the phrase ‘system of government’ is repeatedly mentioned.
Ether way they try to spin this it doesn’t look good for Obama, his negatives on key issues that Americans are concerned about are higher than his positives according to the above leftist poll.

Here is the latest Rasmussen presidential approval rating poll.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 20% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -22. That is the president’s lowest rating since September (see trends).

I find the Rasmussen polls to be more accurate than anything the MSM puts out, the 43% approval reflects the leftist base in this country who will never vote for freedom but always vote for big government.
here are some examples based on presidential elections that have taken place over the past 40+ years.

1976 election Carter 50.1% Ford 48.0%
1980 election Carter 41% Reagan 50.7% Anderson 6.6%
1984 election Mondale 40.6% to Reagan’s 58.8%
1988 election Dukakis 45.7% to Bush’s 53.4%
1992 election Clinton 43.0% Bush 37.5% Perot 18.9%
1996 election Clinton 49.2% Dole 40.7% Perot 8.4%
2000 election Gore 48.4% to Bush’s 47.9%
2004 election Kerry 48.3% to Bush’s 50.7%
2008 election Obama 52.9% to McCain’s 45.7%.

Obama is the first Democrat to get over 50% of the vote since Jimmy Carter in 1976, between these two elections Democrats only received 45% of the vote on average.

So you can see the Democrat base is climbing, this is only due to the size of government growing along with a government dependent population who favor big government Democrats.
The faithful mid to upper 40 percent will always go to Democrats, this is the Democrat Party base, I think the 92 election best reflects this, both Bush and Clinton took their base and Perot got the swing vote and the Democrats base has grown slightly since then.

Obama has a 43% approval rating at this moment, this shows signs the he is losing this base.

The ABC poll also includes polling for “worker’s rights”.

Obama holds a 7-point edge in trust to handle “protecting the rights of working people,”

Hold it right there! People who are employed in America have the same constitutional rights as the people who are unemployed. The whole idea of “worker’s rights” doesn’t come from the U.S. Constitution, it comes from the defunct USSR’s constitution.

“Worker’s rights” comes from communism

USSR CONSTITUTION (Preamble section II chapter 7 articles…)


Article 40. Citizens of the USSR have the right to work (that is, to guaranteed employment and pay in accordance wit the quantity and quality of their work, and not below the state-established minimum), including the right to choose their trade or profession, type of job and work in accordance with their inclinations, abilities, training and education, with due account of the needs of society.
This right is ensured by the socialist economic system, steady growth of the productive forces, free vocational and professional training, improvement of skills, training in new trades or professions, and development of the systems of vocational guidance and job placement.

You do not find “worker’s rights” in the U.S. Constitution because the US Constitution is based on freedom and limited government, not economic handouts or financial security.

Our system of government is the best in the world, the big problem that we have in this nation is to many people will exchange their freedom for a government handout and become a ward of the state thus increasing the size of government beyond its constitutional means. With the federal government running up the biggest deficits in history as a result of this, the days of big government in the U.S. are coming to an end and I’m afraid that to many people will not be prepared.


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  1. none of your business says:

    The usa is a Communist country. The goverment has taken so much away from us and still wants to take away more…The goverment DONT care about the people. just how much money they can make, and the tax payers pay it.. If they did care they would not need to be paid to sit on thier ass and argue about who is better. . The party names are stero-type, against the people of this country. People of this country are going to start rebeling soon. just like the other countrys are doing… I dont balme them, Our m0ney is worthless, gold is not going to be the standard soon. and the usa is a laughing stock to the rest of the world…. hahahaha .. by the time elections come around again, ask the people what they think of the goverment.. the us goverment and the flag dont mean anything to me, not any more.. the washington dc politicians that supposedly run this country are doing nothing to keep it strong. it isnt republican or democrat, it never should be… That is stereo-typing people, and last I knew that fell under discrimination..

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