Tom Blumer at Pajamas Media hits the nail on the head with this very insightful article.

Pajamas Media » Why It’s Bad Business to Hire the Long-Term Unemployed

Those greedy employers are up to their nefarious tricks again. They’re even being overt about it.

If you’re unemployed, many of them won’t hire you. They won’t even talk to you. They don’t want you to waste your time, or theirs, filling out a job application, or submitting your resume. How absolutely awful of them.

Wrong. The “unemployed need not apply” phenomenon is an all too predictable and awful result of over two years of horribly misguided economic policy.

First, let’s acknowledge that employers are mostly acting rationally.

via Pajamas Media » Why It’s Bad Business to Hire the Long-Term Unemployed.

Blumer touches on quite a few points in this article and shows the reality of the economic situation under Obama’s economic policies.

One point that Blumer draws attention to is the fact that employers will network internally before going to the public when the need to fill a position arises. I don’t remember how many times in the past I’ve had my employer approach me asking if I knew someone who could fill an open position, this strategy is done to avoid running ads and going through a time consuming interviewing process.
I personally have gotten jobs and have gotten other people hired as a result of this type of networking.

Blumer also points the fact that employers have no clue how Obamacare is going to effect the costs of hiring someone, I would add that most employers have no clue of what this government, under Democrat leadership, is going to do next! The antics of these past 2 years by our government have sent an anti-business, anti-capitalist message and this message was heard loud and clear by business owners throughout the nation. This has resulted in uncertainty in the business world which in turn has caused business owners to sit still and take a “wait and see what happens next” approach.
In a nutshell businesses in this current economic climate are afraid to expand, invest and hire.. I don’t believe this will change until Obama leaves the White House.


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