Wisconsin Teacher in Apparent Suicide, “Distraught” Over Walker’s Cuts

Jeri-Lynn Betts, an early childhood teacher in the Watertown, Wisconsin, school district, died on March 8 of an apparent suicide.

A colleague says she was “very distraught” over Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on public sector workers and public education.

Betts, 56, was a dedicated teacher who was admired in the Watertown community.

via Wisconsin Teacher in Apparent Suicide, “Distraught” Over Walker’s Cuts | The Progressive.

Leave it to these disgusting union thugs to take a chronically depressed Wisconsin teacher’s suicide and try, in a pathetically bogus attempt, to blame Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker.

In the days after Betts’s death, two members of the school district contacted The Progressive about her death, calling it a suicide and saying it was connected, at least in part, to the policies that Walker has proposed.

Two unnamed members? Why the secrecy?

“She was definitely very distraught about it,” said one of her co-workers, who requested anonymity. “She was feeling a lot of stress about the legislation that was going through.”

I wonder if these people are even real, perhaps they were made up.

Now we hear from a real person.

But the report from the Watertown police gives some clues. A police offer took a statement from Susan Kemmerling, who worked with Betts as a special education paraprofessional for the past decade.

“Susan advised me that Geri had a long history of depression,” Officer Jeffrey Meloy wrote in his report.

Long history of depression? That explains everything, authorities believe she could of overdosed on her anti-depressant medication and just in case you didn’t know anti-depressant medication has a history of motivating people to commit suicide. http://www.mcmanweb.com/FDA_suicide.htm

Do you think the meds may of had something to do with it?
The article also states that Betts was distraught over the Wisconsin budget battle, but then again who isn’t?

What happened to Jeri-Lynn Betts is tragic and the responsibility for this selfish action is hers and hers alone.
She took her own life under her own free will, trying to use this tragedy to send a remote politician on guilt trip and fire up the union masses in an orgy of hate is more disgusting than the suicide itself.


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