Confusion in Libya Assault Plan: NATO, Obama, UN Asking ‘Who’s in Charge?’

Confusion reigned Monday among U.N. and NATO nations about who’s in charge of the multi-country attack against Libya, even as an international coalition continued air strikes against Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.President Barack Obama’s White House hasn’t definitively addressed that essential issue about an operation that has cost the United States well more than $100 million, and is increasingly rapidly. Other questions looming: Are the United States and its allies attacking Libya to save the country’s citizens from slaughter at the hands of their leader Gadhafi, as the U.N. resolution endorsing the enforcement of the no-fly zone called for, or are they ultimately trying to push him out of power? That oust-Gadhafi question resonates with echoes of previous statements from both Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the ruthless dictator must go. And how do those messages mesh with a top admiral’s statement that Gadhafi could remain in power? How, and when, will the United States hand off leadership of the military attack to other countries?

via Confusion in Libya Assault Plan: NATO, Obama, UN Asking ‘Who’s in Charge?’.

When the Republicans have a war we know where they stand, they state their case back it up with evidence and set out on a clear agenda for getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

When the Democrats have a war…

…chaos and confusion abounds.

Who’s in charge?
I don’t know!

Obama really stepped in it this time but don’t blame me, I voted for the other guy.


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