This past week Vice President Joe Biden’s staffers had confined pool reporter Scott Powers in a closet during a Democrat fundraiser for over an hour. link

Mr Powers had this to say in response to the flurry of news articles that resulted from this inhumane act.

Here’s what happened. I showed up at the private home of developer, philanthropist and political contributor Alan Ginsburg Wednesday morning to file a pool report on the visit there by Biden and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Orlando. When I arrived I was told I would not be able to speak with any of the people at the party, and that I was to wait in a room until Biden and Nelson arrived. I went in willingly, with the understanding that I was free to leave — but if I left I’d probably have to leave the house entirely, and not get to cover the speeches.

I called it a closet, because it was stuffed with shelves, boxes, baskets and other items in storage, and it felt like a closet. The vice president’s office called it a room used for storage. It had a light, a window somewhere in the back behind the shelves full of boxes, and a few square feet of open space in the front. They set up a small table and a chair for me. They offered me food, which I declined, and brought me a bottle of water. They closed the door. I sat to wait, mistakenly thinking it would be only a few minutes. The door wasn’t locked, though every time I opened it and stepped out to see what was going on a staffer told me I couldn’t come out yet. He’d let me know.

It was more than an hour, and when I was finally led out, Ginsburg, Nelson and Biden were just getting ready to talk. I listened, recorded the speeches and took notes, then was led back to the little room to wait until they left, about 15 more minutes, before they led me to my car.

The above quote by Scott Powers doesn’t shed any new light on the story, this is exactly how it was understood to have happened. However, Powers downplays the situation in his article writing it off as no big deal and going so far as exhorting that the story is being blown out of proportion.

If this were the case why did he take a picture from inside the closet and send it to his paper?
Why did he contact, of all people, Matt Drudge about the matter?

Read Powers explanation article here

Apologies given and accepted.

The vice president’s press secretary, Elizabeth Alexander, e-mailed me an apology, which I accepted. (Today we talked and she said that the choice of rooms was a screw-up by an inexperienced staffer and would never happen again.) Ginsburg called me with an apology, saying he had known nothing about what happened and was very upset by it, and I accepted his apology too. Aside from a couple other e-mails and phone calls, I’d pretty much forgotten all about the event and moved on to other stories I was working on.(emphasis mine)

I find it hard to believe that after dropping this bombshell on Saturday Mr. Powers forgets about on the event and moves on to other things.

After being degraded by Biden’s staff and then writing this article downplaying the whole situation I would have to come to the conclusion that Mr. Powers is suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome.

The term Stockholm Syndrome came about in the 70’s during a bank robbery in Stockholm in which the bank robbers held several bank employees hostage for 6 days. During the captivity, the victims became emotionally attached to their captors, and even defended them after they were freed from their six-day ordeal.

Here are a few links with more detail on this Syndrome.

One common denominator that people who suffer from SS happens to be survival, though Mr Powers wasn’t locked up for weeks or months I believe his downplaying of his experience with Biden’s staff has everything to do with his job as a reporter…He doesn’t want to jeopardize his position as a pool reporter for the V.P. so now he sympathizes and shows compassion for his captors and tries cast them in a positive light.
I would even go as far to say that Mr. Powers defends Biden and his cronies in his article, this is a symptom of those who suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome.

I wonder…
If Dick Cheney or Sara Palin were stuffing people in a closet would this act of brutality be reported any different?

Think about that!


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