Florida Pastor Terry Jones held a ceremonial burning of the Koran this past March “causing” outrage amongst Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan in which innocent people were attack and murdered. LINK

It seems that the leftist in America are trying to put the blame on Jones for the actions of those who rose up and committed murder on the other side of the world.
This blame game is what the left’s been preaching since the 1960’s.
“It is not the killers fault!” Goes the mantra.. “The crime was caused by…fill in the blank

A. The handgun
B. Poverty
C. Product of environment
D. Bad childhood
E. Temporary insanity
F. Somebody did something offensive
G. etc..

You get the idea.

Of course these Muslims don’t need someone in Florida burning a Koran to motivate them to violence, they have been engaging in murder since 600AD, without Koran burnings.

Islam is a very violent political ideology and those who adhere to it are completely removed from reality…Just like the Democrats, who are also removed from reality and they both share a lot in common because of this.

Does this mean that Democrats are violent like the Muslims?
No.. but the Democrats, like the Muslims, have a distorted world view and have placed themselves in a philosophical bubble, a belief system removed from reality and when someone or something (reality) comes along and burst their little bubble they lash out in anger.
In the United States the Democrats demonstrate the same ideology as Muslims.
Here are some examples.

What Democrats and Muslims share in common


They are both anti-Israel: Both believe that the nation of Israel is illegitimate and belongs to the Palestinians.
Helen Thomas demonstrated this last year. There has also been a pro-Palestinian movement among the Democrat Party this past decade.


They both have a hatred towards Christians: Muslims burn down churches and murder Christians in foreign countries the Democrats may perhaps dream of doing this.. nevertheless, their hatred for Christians is clearly displayed through media.
Both, Democrats and Muslims, would like to see Christians removed from their presence permanently.


They both disregard innocent life: A Muslim will allow babies to be destroyed to further their cause, through abortion Democrats have demonstrated the same.


They both want bigger government: Sharia law dictates how a person should conduct themselves and live their life, the Democrats try to do the same through socialized medicine, government programs and nanny laws.


They both disregard the U.S. Constitution: Where Sharia law would remove the Constitution completely, Democrats believe they have rights that are not found in the document.
Both ideologies completely disregard the U.S. Constitution.


Both appeal to a “supreme body” to finalize matters: The Democrats don’t believe that the U.S. Court system is one of 3 equal branches of the U.S. government but instead look to the court system as a final say on all matters overriding everything else, even when the decisions are foolish.
The Muslim looks to the Iman or a governing body of religious leaders for the final say in all matters, even when the decisions are foolish.
Ether way you look at it, both groups depend on men wearing black robes for the final answer.


Both believe in evolution: Democrats believe we evolved from lower life forms and push this teaching in our schools. Muslims believe the Jews evolved from apes and pigs (lower life forms) and push this teaching in their schools.


Both burn the American flag during protest: No comment necessary.


Both despise the U.S. military: Again, no comment necessary.


Both believe in a Utopian world: Both groups believe that if they had their way across the globe the world would be a perfect place. This unrealistic expectation is one of the reasons why both Democrats and Muslims have a lot of pent up frustration and rage.


They are both hoping for the appearance of the “Anointed One”: The Muslims think it’s the 12th Iman and Democrats thought it was Obama.
The last time I checked the Muslims were still waiting and the Democrats were still looking.


Both will use threats and intimidation to try and get their way The Muslims use global terrorism and the Democrats use labor unions (see Wisconsin).

These are just a few of the similarities that I have found between Democrats and Muslims, I’m sure there are a lot more.

I am certain if Islam were to ever come to America it would run for public office with a D next to its name.

The Pastor in Florida set a Koran on fire and ignited the Muslim world, this just shows us what these Muslims are made of and demonstrates for us that Islam and their like minded counterpart, the Democrat Party, are not compatible with the American way of life.


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The guy behind the guy, exposing the tyranny of the Democrat Party and other rants.
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