Wal-Mart Goes ‘Back to Basics’: A Cautionary Tale for the Left

After suffering seven straight quarters of losses, today the merchandise giant Wal-Mart will announce that it is “going back to basics,” ending its era of high-end organic foods, going “green,” and the remainder of its appeal to the upscale market. Next month the company will launch an “It’s Back” campaign to woo the millions of customers who have fled the store. They will be bringing back “heritage” products, like inexpensive jeans and sweatpants.

Few may recognize it as such, but this episode should be seen as a cautionary tale about “progressives” and social engineering experiments on low-income Americans. This morning’s Wall Street Journal article is blunt:

That strategy failed, and the Bentonville, Ark., retail giant now is pursuing a back-to-basics strategy to reverse the company’s fortunes.

The failure, in large part, can be pinned to Leslie Dach: a well-known progressive and former senior aide to Vice President Al Gore. In July 2006, Dach was installed as the public relations chief for Wal-Mart. He drafted a number of other progressives into the company, seeking to change the company’s way of doing business: its culture, its politics, and most importantly its products.

Read the rest here Pajamas Media » Wal-Mart Goes ‘Back to Basics’: A Cautionary Tale for the Left.

At least Wal-Mart has the common sense to correct itself (unlike our government) after they realized they messed up when they allowed these foolish Democrats to implement marketing strategies.
One thing I have noticed is that this is clear demonstration of the liberal’s failure to fully understand basic human nature, the Democrats just don’t understand people.
The Democrats think, through their arrogant ignorance, that everyone is just as messed up has they are and if they could just get people see and do things their way everything will turn out perfect. So they try through manipulation, coercion and forced legislation to make people act and re-act in order to change their way of thinking, their way of life and set them on the desired “correct” path.
What the liberals consistently fail to realize is that Americans have choices and the customers of Wal-Mart voted with their wallets costing the company money.

Wal-Mart tried to sell the liberal brand™ and the people didn’t buy it.

The Wal-Mart fiasco proves that liberal policies and ideas are just wrong for America and are in fact anti-American to the core.

Chevy Volt anyone?


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