2012 Election Price Tag: $8 Billion

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign shattered all records by raising $760 million in the last election cycle. That record is not likely to last much longer — Obama is expected to raise more than $1 billion for his re-election campaign.

And overall spending by all candidates in 2012 is predicted to eclipse an astounding $8 billion.

Read the rest here 2012 Election Price Tag: $8 Billion.

I wonder where he is getting this cash?
I wonder what his base thinks about this?


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  1. Dr Carrie says:

    It’s very unfortunate that this man feels he will be re-elected, what he has done to this Country is appalling, especially to the Senior citizens, people on Social Security, then giving Congress a $3,000 a month raise, is just totally uncalled for. As the Chairperson for the Senior Citizens I will fight to see that he is not elected.

    • Mr Caps says:

      From what I understand the books are sealed on who his biggest contributors are, according to newsmax 37,000 of his donors came through a currency exchange and at the moment nobody knows who they are.

  2. Richard Penn says:

    Absolutely the worse thing that could happen to this country is to have a republican Senate, Congress and president. Lest we have short memories of the record short comings we all inherited we the Bush administration.The new policies only demonstrated why overall this is an unfit party. Once an again let us take from the hard working Americans and give to the apparently harder working rich, so goes the Republicans. President Obama re-election is well worth it.

    • Mr Caps says:

      Blaming Bush for the Obama, Pelosi and Reid train wreck isn’t going to wash.
      This is Obamanomics and the Democrats will be held responsible.

  3. blaine j says:

    lets vote all or the rep. and all the dem. out of office and start all overy with new people a lot of independents would be good to.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Voting out everyone with 12+ years of congressional “service” would do wonders…

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