This is a very insightful video of how the Democrats and their assault on the rich will not accomplish anything.


What the video doesn’t mention is the effect that this would have on the employees of the above mentioned industries.

Somebody had once said “You can’t benefit the wage earner by taxing the wage payer”. The Democrats ether don’t believe this truth or don’t care. They have consistently attacked those, by taxation and demonetization, who have worked hard, taken investment risks and acquired more than others.
The Democrats, under the guise of fairness, are penalizing achievement while at the same time rewarding failure through lower taxation and welfare to those who make a lot less, sadly the whole nation suffers when this happens.

A case in point is my own personal experience as an employee at a company in the early 1990’s that had employed over 2000 people at the time.
The company was great to work for. We had a nice benefit package that included a pension plan, dental, medical, 7 paid holidays and 7 days paid sick leave every year and if a person didn’t call in sick all year they would receive an extra week’s pay on the anniversary of their date of hire.
We also got a $100.00 birthday bonus, I remember shortly after I was hired I had gotten a $100.00 “birthday bonus” in my check. I was shocked but pleasantly surprised to receive this after having been employed there for less then 6 months.
Unfortunately this was all going to change.

Do you recall George H Bush’s “Read my lips no new taxes” pledge that he had made during the 1988 presidential GOP convention and broke during the 1990 budget deal when he caved to the Democrats in congress? This “deal” had resulted in a tax increase for those “rich” people, raising their tax rates to 31% and like so many other people I had found myself, an employee making 25,000 a year, paying for it.
Simple, a certain substance also known as fertilizer rolls down hill and it did. The laws of economics prevailed and my employer, who was faced with higher taxes began to make cuts.
Gone were the $100.00 birthday bonuses and goodbye to the sick leave. I continued to work for that company for 5 years and those perks never came back, this was due to the 1990 tax increase and my employer had made that clear to the company.

You see it’s real simple, when your costs go up you make cuts and adjustments in other areas to compensate for that loss.

Another case in point. From 1994-1998 I held a part time job working at a bar. We had on staff; 1 manager, 4 bartenders, 3 waitresses and 6 doormen. The bartenders and waitresses were paid minimum wage and made most of their money from tips.
In 1995 then president Bill Clinton sought an increase in the minimum wage by $.90 an hour over a two year period, this is the government taking money from “the rich” and giving it to the workers. When this bill was passed and signed into law the fecal matter once again began to roll.
The manger had gotten contacted by the owner who happened to be a nationally known, very well to do person and the concern that “payroll was getting to high” was expressed to the manger.
So how did the manager, who was paid salary, handled it?
He fired one of the waitresses and took over the Wednesday evening bartending shift!
You see, not only did a waitress lose her job but the bartender had lost a night’s pay along with the tips that he would have collected during that shift, all because the Democrats want to ‘help the working class’.
Needless to say this took care of the payroll issue.

What has this to do with the video?
Everything, attacking and taking from the employers and those who invest only hurts the employees and economy.
If we were to do what is suggested in the above video (highly unlikely) the government would be putting thousands of people out of work in America.
America’s employers need to be held in high esteem, it is the capitalist who provides meaning full jobs by providing a much needed service to the people and a business will close if it does not stay profitable. This means that every penny counts and a business must stay efficient and competitive, if it doesn’t it will close…It’s that simple.

Barack Obama along with other Democrats want to increase taxes for those who make over $250,000 a year, this is a direct economic assault on business owners and the Democrats know this.
By going after and shaking down the business owners of this country they are also attacking the workers of this country by proxy.
The only cost that an employer can control is payroll and benefits, other business costs are basically fixed so when the employer gets hit the cut backs in this area are sure to follow.

The real problem that is facing this nation economically is the government spending to much money and growing far beyond its constitutional means, as a result we look at a 14 trillion dollar debt by which there are no means to pay.
The US federal government needs to down size and down size drastically, the solution is to turn its programs over to individual states and allow the states to do with them what each state see fit.

I won’t hold my breath.


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