I remember the old and still prevalent Democrat mind set of ‘tax and spend’ I have to say that this failed policy, that has been implemented by Democrats when possible, has once again reared its ugly head

White House Wants to Track and Tax Your Mileage

Conservative economists, commentators, and politicians are blasting a draft Obama administration plan that envisions using Big Brother-like tracking devices on private cars to tax drivers on how many miles they travel.

The new tax scheme, designed to help fund transportation spending, would determine your mileage by installing electronic equipment on your car. This would involve monitoring your location and how far you’ve traveled.

Fox host Lou Dobbs offered this reaction to the trial balloon on his radio show Thursday: “We’ve got an effective unemployment rate of nearly 17 percent in this country, and these idiots want to tax car mileage. It’s nuts, what they want to do,” he said.

Read the rest here: White House Wants to Track and Tax Your Mileage.

The whole idea of taxing your mileage is to compensate for the lack of revenue being collected at the pump, the decrease in gas revenues are mostly due to everyone driving electric cars in Obama’s futuristic mythological electric car Utopia.

The federal government collects 18.4 cents per gallon of gas sold in the U.S.
When you apply state and other taxes the average tax on gas comes close 50 cents per gallon.

The feds don’t want to lose thier cut so now they are attempting a tax on mileage.

The Democrats, they’re your wallet, they’re your medicine cabinet and want to control your life.


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