I found the article at by liberal commentator and former Michael Dukakis campaign manager Susan Estrich.

The Right Loses Its Fight

These are very tricky times for conservatives in America. For starters, they don’t really have a candidate. OK, that’s familiar. More unusual: They don’t really have an opponent to hate.

Can that be?

Conservatives still hate Obamacare (even if whatever we have that isn’t Obamacare seems worse than any possible replacement could be). They still rant and rave about the deficit and stimulus money and even about bailing out their friends and relations.

But the one thing that conservatives cannot rant and rave about is what has been their most predictable refrain since the Cold War: national security. Of all the things President Obama has done to conservatives in America, this may be the cruelest. He has taken away their national security argument.

Read the rest here: The Right Loses Its Fight.

Estrich writes that the Republicans haven’t got a person to run against Obama in 2012, I have to agree. There are a lot of good potential candidates that would beat Obama but they don’t show any interest in running for office. I think this is a deeper problem with the GOP than what Estrich points out.
It appears that the Republicans don’t seem to care enough about the direction our country is going in to jump into the race and take the Democrats to task, this is very telling on the part of the Republicans and shows apathy on their part.

Estrich also writes that Obama has disarmed the Republicans of the national security issue, I have to disagree. The polices that are in place were put there by a Republican president, Obama just continued to carry them out.
Estrich also implies that national security will be a big issue in 2012, well she’s wrong on this one too. The biggest issue in the 2012 will be the same number one issue that dominates every presidential election, the economy.
That’s right! It’s the economy stupid.
If anything that the 1992 elections taught us was national security plays second fiddle to the American wallet.
During the 92 elections Ross Perot talked about the national debt while Bill Clinton talked about the “recession” (the unemployment rate in 1992 was 7.8% and dropping link). Between the national debt and the economy Clinton and Perot pulled in 61.9% of the vote combined.
This left Bush with 37.5% of the vote, the national security vote. Gerald Ford once said that Americans vote on their wallet and he was right, unless the economy turns around and the unemployment rate drops below 7% any Republican can beat Obama, the question is who?

The Republicans need to put forth a strong candidate who cares about the nation and will set the narrative for the 2012 election.
That narrative would be the economy, the Republicans would have to beat the Democrats over the head with that issue all the way to Nov.6, 2012 and it would be an easy win.

Republicans have to keep talking about how bad the economy is and not get distracted from that topic.
The economy, the economy, the economy!
It’s the economy stupid!
Even if it shows signs of turning around.
The economy, the economy, the economy…

That’s how the Republicans can win.


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