Cheney: Justice Probe of CIA Interrogators an ‘Outrage’

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday it’s an “outrage” the Obama administration continues to investigate CIA agents who interrogated terror suspects, claiming they did nothing wrong and expressing concern about the precedent it sets.

Cheney weighed in on the probe after several Republicans and other ex-officials have renewed their call for the Justice Department to drop the investigation — launched nearly two years ago by Attorney General Eric Holder — in light of the killing of Usama bin Laden.

Read the rest here: Cheney: Justice Probe of CIA Interrogators an ‘Outrage’ – FoxNews.com.

Typical Democrats, trying to take credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden while at the same time trying to lock up CIA operatives who were responsible for getting the intelligence that led to finding bin Laden.

I think it’s time for Congress to start investigating the Obama administration.


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The guy behind the guy, exposing the tyranny of the Democrat Party and other rants.
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