A couple of clips of some true leftist that I have to tip my hat to.

Rosie O’Donnell wonders why Osama bin Laden wasn’t captured and given a fair trial.

Michael Moore said the same thing earlier this week, on Piers Morgan he complained bin Laden didn’t get a fair trial.

While the left is giving Obama a pat on the back for the Navy Seal’s stellar work in taking out bin Laden they fail in their principles.
Not to long ago these same leftist were calling for George Bush to be tried for war crimes in regards to the treatment of al-Qieda prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Cuba.
These very same leftist are now praising Obama for “ordering” the execution on an unarmed Osama bin Laden while his wife and family were present during the home invasion.
There was no attempt to apprehend bin Laden and there was no indication he was given the chance to surrender. The left would be outraged at this slaughter if the president had an “R” or “I” next to his name but they’re not, because they are Democrat Party drones.
If Hitler had a “D” next to his name these same Democrats would have cheered him on until his very last crime.

While the majority of Americans celebrate the removal of bin Laden there are still those on the left who remain steadfast in their beliefs, Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell are two of them, they think Osama should have been given a fair trial.
You can’t say that for the rest of the left, while they celebrate this execution with one side of their mouth they condemn waterboarding out the other, this speaks volumes of their capacity to think rationally.


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