Democrats move to take control of media through intimidation

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has created and staffed a new position tucked inside their communications shop for helping coordinate rapid response to unfavorable stories and fostering and improving relations with the progressive online community.

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Jesse Lee was chosen by Obama to head up this new online media campaign and he kicked this campaign off with this initial tweet and included pic.!/jesseclee44/status

I wonder what this “rapid response to unfavorable stories” is going to entail? A seek and destroy mission?

I remember back in the 70’s and 80’s when the left had a monopoly on the media, newspapers and television networks would only give on side of the story and you never heard a viable alternative point of view.
Since those dark days of biased information and propaganda the internet and talk radio have burst on to the scene and people are now getting more informed and for those with an open mind the information that they get will be applied to their lives.
The Democrats don’t what this, so they are now going to embark on a seek and destroy mission and will attempt to tear down anyone who has anything negative to say about Obama.

This reminds me of how the communist would use the media to tear down and discredit alternative points of view using leftwing propaganda.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out.


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