Sarah Palin stopped off at the Paul Revere House and Old North Church last Friday when she was obviously caught off guard by the paparazzi asking a simple historical question.

She stumbled through her comment showing that she was clearly unprepared when giving an answer.

Of course the paparazzi ran with this comment claiming that she was wrong and any 4th grader could of given the correct answer.

Only problem…Palin was right.
Without even doing 2 clicks of research I thought back to the history that I learned when I went to school in Massachusetts and though my grade school history was fuzzy I remember Revere rode in 1775 to warn the colonies that the Redcoats were coming. The colonies were British and still under the authority of King George III. Our nation didn’t declare independence until July 4th 1776 and we didn’t get a national identity until the U.S. Constitution was ratified during the 1780’s it was after that when we became the U.S.A. and identified ourselves as Americans.

Then I did my 2 clicks of research and found this With photo copies of Paul Revere’s letters and transcripts LINK Which proves that Sarah Palin was correct in her telling of the Paul Revere story.

Now historians are backing up Palin’s account,
and the left wing media and leftist fools have egg on their collective faces.

All over the internet you see comments like these.

Proving that the left is completely ignorant of US history and to lazy to do 2 clicks of research, I’m torn between laughing or crying!

You would think that these stupid leftist would have learned from their 1773 debacle.

Maybe the left is breathing in to much of Palin’s exhaust.


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The guy behind the guy, exposing the tyranny of the Democrat Party and other rants.
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