Originally I had thought the the Washington Post was gaining exclusive access to these e-mails, however I was wrong in this assessment, the state of Alaska is making these e-mails available to everyone.
The Washington Post along with the New York Times are asking their readers to comb through these e-mails for the purpose of engaging in a political high tech lynching.

I expect typos, spelling, poor punctuation and grammatical errors to be broadcast over the media in the weeks ahead. We could also expect to see some of these e-mails to be taken out of context and used by potential political opponents if Palin should happen to run for office.

Alaska to Release Palin Emails

The Alaska state government today is releasing 24,199 pages of former Gov. Sarah Palin’s emails written during her first two years in office – all in paper form.

The release comes in response to requests from news organizations and individuals during the 2008 presidential race, and is proving to be a magnet for the news media as Ms. Palin considers a run for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. Since the documents are being released only in paper form, a number of reporters have descended on Juneau to pick up and sort through them. Some news organizations are electronically scanning the boxes and boxes of documents to make them more accessible. The documents cover the period from the start of Ms. Palin’s term as governor in December 2006 until Sen. John McCain picked her as his running mate in September 2008.

Read the rest here: Alaska to Release Palin Emails – Washington Wire – WSJ.

NPR is writing off any potential run by Palin due to these e-mails, without having read them first.

There’s a few things I could say about Palin, she’s well vetted, she’s got guts and she’s been tested.


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