In Feb. 2011 New York Representative Chris Lee (R) resigned from his congressional position on the very same day it was disclosed that he sent this shirtless photo of himself to a woman he met on Criagslist.

N.Y. Rep. Chris Lee

Perhaps signaling a new path of action for scandal-ridden politicians, New York Rep. Chris Lee resigned from Congress on Wednesday just hours following allegations online that he had been soliciting an extra-marital relationship on Craigslist. Possibly hoping to sidestep further damage to his image – or stave off the discovery of further indiscretions – Lee swiftly stepped down, apologized, and admitted to “profound mistakes.”

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Chris Lee sent one photo to one woman, when she exposed this to the media, he promptly admitted it and immediately resigned.
Lee had done an honorable thing by resigning, this proved he cared more about saving his marriage and the well being of his constituents rather than his position.

Anthony Weiner (AKA Weinergate) a Democrat congressman from New York sent nude and sexually explicit photos of himself to several women via twitter and other electronic means. When discovered Weiner immediately denied any wrong doing and claimed that his computer/phone/twitter account was hacked.

This photo of Weiner is tame compared to the others he had sent.

When the hacking excuse started to fall apart he immediately turned his sights on Andrew Breitbart who had broke the scandal on his website. Weiner accused Breitbart of fabricating the story in attempt to smear him, this was another lie.

Here’s a brief timeline of the Weiner scandal.

Friday, May 27:
Weiner uses his Twitter account to send a waist-down photograph of a man’s underwear-clad crotch to a 21-year-old female college student in Seattle. He quickly deletes it and tweets that his Facebook account was hacked.

Wednesday, June 8:
An X-rated photo Weiner purportedly took of himself surfaces on a website.

Thursday, June 16:
Weiner resigns, apologizing to his neighbors, constituents and wife for his “personal mistakes” and “the embarrassment” he caused.

See the complete timeline here and here

It took 20 days before Weiner did the right thing, during that time he fought to hold on to his congressional seat, Weiner was forced to resign and he didn’t go quietly-he went out kicking and screaming.

This is a major concern.

Blackmail: If these photos and text information had fallen to the hands of a hostile government (China/Russia/Iran) they could have used this to manipulate Weiner in pursuit of their anti-American agenda. Looking at Weiner’s desperation to hang on to his seat the blackmail would have been successful, Weiner would have given them what ever they wanted in exchange for keeping the photos and text messages a secret.

Weiner can not be trusted by his own wife or the public, he lied and attempted to place blame on citizen journalist (Breitbart), someone of this character would have no problem selling out to our nation’s enemies in order to keep his position of power.

Chris Lee had resigned the very same day the photo he sent was made public, he confessed and stepped down. If that photo had fallen into the hands of a hostile government they would have gone nowhere. Lee would have handed over all information to authorities, confessed to the deed and resign leaving the rest to the investigators.

Weiner on the other hand would have more than likely sold out to that hostile government and may have attempted to sway legislation in their favor.



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  1. Alan Scott says:

    There will be a next time when a Republican is caught in a sex scandal . And just like in 2007 it will be used to smear all Republicans . The same Democrats that took their time to condemn Weiner will be the biggest born again Puritans .

    Actually , I believe that both Congressman Lee and Congressman Weiner have a legitimate gripe for being forced out of their jobs . If you compare what they did to the record of Congressman Barney Frank , while he was on the House Committee that oversaw Fannie Mae . Since Fannie Mae figured heavily in the mortgage disaster this is relevant . According to National Review, Congressman Frank told executives of Fannie Mae what a good choice his lover Herb Moses was for assistant director of product initiatives . Then you have boyfriends James Ready who was given a fine for growing marijuana , and Stephen Gobie who worked as a prostitute out of Congressman Frank’s apartment in Washington .

    It’s quite funny how the big guys can get away with anything and the small fry are punished . Until I read these I never thought I’d have any pity on Congressman Weiner .

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