Obama’s plan to shut down gun dealers

ATF agents are trained to tail buyers of multiple high-powered weapons and find out what they do with them. Fast and Furious broke with this practice, according to a 51-page joint staff report released Wednesday by Rep. Darrell Issa R., Calif. and Sen. Charles Grassley R., Iowa. It cites ATF agents who testified that the plan was to let the buyers disappear, to later recover the weapons at crime scenes, and then to use the serial numbers to identify where they came from. This was supposed to lead to the arrest of not only the Arizona “straw” buyer who had made the purchase for the capos, but to the bust of the big players in drug-trafficking organizations.

via O’Grady: A Drug-War Plan Goes Awry –

I’ve been following this story somewhat over these past few months and the media is spinning this to make us believe that the intention of Operation Fast and Furious was to take down the Mexican drug cartels, this is far from the truth.

I’ve put a bold emphasis on the outline of the plan in the quote above, read it and re-read it closely.
Now I ask you, how could this lead to bringing down drug kingpins in Mexico? If the U.S. government thinks for one second that these gunrunners would spill their guts and talk does nothing more then clearly demonstrate the naivety on the part of the White House, DOJ and ATF.
Let me make this clear, there is not single gunrunner who would risk their life and the lives of their family by ratting out their capo’s let alone their capo’s boss, if the gunrunners knew who those bosses were.

The gunrunners who purchased ten of thousands of dollars worth weapons in the U.S and carried them south of the boarder are low level employees in the drug trade, just following orders from their immediate superiors and doubtfully posses a treasure trove of information to give to the U.S. government.
They are gun mules! How much information do you think they have?

So this begs the question. Why would Obama and Holder think that by allowing guns into Mexico to be used in drug related crimes would lead to the arrest of higher ups in the drug trade?
The answer is simple, they don’t.

Operation Fast and Furious has nothing to do with the drug cartels and everything to with the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

The real purpose and intent of this operation was to allow weapons sold legally in the U.S. to go across the boarder to be used for mass murder and other crimes by the drug cartels. When authorities arrive at a crime scene in Mexico they would have found weapons that they could have easily trace back to legitimate gun dealers in the U.S.

If it were successful Obama would have used this ‘crisis’ to effectively demonize and attack the gun industry.

By tracing these weapons and pointing out the source (U.S. gun dealers) Democrats and liberals would be able to convince an unsuspecting public that gun sales in the U.S. have contributed to further the agenda of the drug cartels. Obama would have then built enough public support to put into place regulations which would make it impossible for gun dealers to stay in business, thus effectively destroying our 2nd Amendment rights by proxy.

This has nothing to do with the drug cartels and has everything to do with our Constitution.
Operation Fast and Furious was nothing but a failed attack by Barrack Obama and Eric Holder on the 2nd Amendment.


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