Unemployment is up!
The stock market is down!
Gas prices are up!
The real estate market is down!
Inflation is rearing its ugly head!
The US poverty rate is climbing!
Families are struggling to make ends meet!
People are rioting in the streets in various places!
Government is expanding!
The US government has a deficit that is out of control!
The world is in turmoil!

Sooo…With all these pressing issues what do these crazy libs want to discuss in the up coming 2012 election?

The battle between supporters of creationism and evolution made its way onto the 2012 campaign trail Thursday as a young boy, prompted by his mother, asked Texas Gov. Rick Perry questions on the subject, leading Perry to suggest both are taught in Texas public schools.

Read the rest here: Fox News

That’s right!!! 8th grade biology!!

Notice how the boy was prompted by his mother? I wonder where his father is?
This is another example leftist exploiting a child for political gain, user and abusers of innocent children that’s what these leftist are all about.

Did you also notice the miserable look on the woman’s face?


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The guy behind the guy, exposing the tyranny of the Democrat Party and other rants.
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  1. Alan Scott says:

    That woman is an idiot to use her kid like that . She did not have the guts to ask herself . Reminds me of the chant by children ” Barak Hussein Obama MMM MMM MMM. ” .

  2. Mr Caps says:

    Did you see the look on her face when she turned towards the camera?
    Bitter, bitter leftist.

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