The Justice Department is investigating whether the nation’s largest credit ratings agency, Standard & Poor’s, improperly rated dozens of mortgage securities in the years leading up to the financial crisis, according to two people interviewed by the government and another briefed on such interviews.

Read the rest here: CNBC

Just S&P? Funny how this “investigation” comes on the heels of the S&P downgrade. I guess Obama wants to set an example for the rest of the bond grading agencies.
A little intimidation perhaps to keep them in line?


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  1. Alan Scott says:

    Didn’t the ratings agencies who did not down grade the US also misrate the Collateralized Debt Obligations ? Why isn’t Kommissar Obama investing them ?

  2. Alan Scott says:

    Mister Caps ,

    I was scolded on another board for posting this . Ms. Holland . It was pointed out that the S&P investigations predated the US down grade . My friend Jonolan on his board pointed out that facts are not always truth . S&P is now being investigated by both the Justice Department and the SEC . I believe these are being ramped up to punish S&P even though they may have been started earlier .

    • Mr Caps says:

      Timing is everything. The DOJ picks and chooses what they will and will not investigate, I’ve heard stories of this before the downgrade but find it strange that after the downgrade CNBC runs this piece.

      Are they going to investigate anyone else?
      What kind of message does this send to other rating agencies?

  3. Alan Scott says:

    Mister Caps ,

    It sends a message of intimidation . Like the Boeing NLRB threat . Boeing is big enough to beat the Obama administration on this, but it is meant to intimidate lesser companies . Obama learned this Chicago style of politics and learned it well. That is why this clown has to be thrown out of office, the next election . He uses his bureaucrats for political payback . It’s called corruption . The Chicago way . I almost think that Perry matches up against Obama best because Perry plays hardball too .

    • Mr Caps says:

      Even the left is bailing on him. Limbaugh made a comment on his show awhile back, I’ll paraphrase “If Obama’s numbers keep dropping I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes all out Chicago”
      I think Obama will have a melt down by this time next year if not sooner.
      The punk is done!

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