I’ve been real busy in the meat world and haven’t had time to post. However, after taking a look at the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement here’s a quick glance at the people and organizations that are standing with the OWS mob.

Below is a picture of the OWS mob, notice the number of American flags? I only see one.

Here is a recent lists of the organizations who endorse this lawless occupation (I say lawless because they are occupying, not protesting).

The American Nazi Party for starts. LINK

The Blaze has a complete list of all the godless terrorist organizations as well as the democrat party.

These occupy people are nothing more than vile villainous scum and need to be dealt with promptly by the authorities.

Did I forget to mention that they also have cooties?


About Mr Caps

The guy behind the guy, exposing the tyranny of the Democrat Party and other rants.
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