A Democrat Party Mayor uses brute force and intimidation when dealing with the citizens and church members of El Paso Texas.
This video was taken at a city council meeting this past summer.

At 1:46 in the video notice the law enforcement official appearing in the background with his hand on his gun. What is he going to do? Shoot the church lady?

At the end of the video Democrat Mayor Cook tells this lady that her freedom of speech is over and to take it outside.

A recall election is slated for April 14, 2011. I hope the good citizens of El Paso prevail against these Democrat Party tyrants.

Here’s the complete story.


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  1. john smith says:

    Rep. O’Rourke is a great representative and defender of civil rights. Thank God we have people like him to stand up to nasty bigots.

  2. Truth says:

    I though priests and pastors and others of religion were to speak the word of god and bring peace? That’s all I see here is hatred towards a fellow human being (Mayor). I though religious individuals of the cloth were to preach forgiveness and love with, among other things like their promised religious vow of chastity to show their commitment and undying love?
    Well I guess I was wrong.
    And since I was wrong with that thinking, and others are probably thinking the same thing too, I think we should make a big correction all the way around.
    So for being lied to all these years by these phonies and their, “do as I say, not as I do” over cooked, proven snow job, I think the United States should tax the churches fairly for their charades and penalize them with back taxes for mixing church and state because they pierced that so called sacred veil of tax free life at the expense of others.
    Rosecolor Glasoff

    • Mr Caps says:

      I wouldn’t use the word hate, I would say that anger towards the mayor does have its merits, after all there is a big recall effort underway that consist of more than just the church members.

      As far as the church paying taxes? That would create a big lobby group on Capital Hill, probably what Washington needs.

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