LulzSec Release: Arizona Police Say Hezbollah is in Mexico

Literally meaning “Party of God”, Hezbollah began as a militia in 1982 in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. The Shi’a Islamist organization has since grown into a worldwide political and paramilitary network with seats in the Lebanese government, numerous social services programs, long-standing ties with the Syrian and Iranian governments, and an annual income estimated to be anywhere between $200-$400 million.

Read it here: Public Intelligence.

Living in Southern California has it’s disadvantages one of those being the somewhat wide open boarder with Mexico. I have no gripes with those who come north for work and want to feed their families I do however have major concerns with those who attempt to come here to kill us.

Terrorism is real and it’s not the tea-party I’m concerned with, sorry Biden. I’m not concerned with the migrant worker or even the illegal Mexican who wants a better life. The real concern lies with the terrorist who could easily make their way north and attack U.S. cities, terrorist who have trained and gathered materials in Mexico, Central and South America.

These terrorist could easily assemble a dirty bomb or plant conventional bombs in shopping malls and other highly populated public places, take over hotels and engage in other means of mass murder from bases and operational centers south of the boarder.

According to the above article; grenades, m-16s, anti-tank and c4 devices were found in Mexico that had been stolen from Iraq, this points to an obivous illegal[?] trade route from the mid-east to Central America. I wonder what else is being shipped to America from that region?

That sad part about this whole scenario is that Democrats nor Republicans will not do anything about our vulnerable southern flank.


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