So I was at the Huffington Post today commenting on an Elizabeth Warren article that was focused on her “It Gets Better” campaign video.

Here’s my comment.
When I seen this video I was reminded of a friend of mine who had married a widow.
My friend had called me on the phone a few months after the wedding and confided in me about some intimate matters regarding his new bride, namely that she was still a virgin.

Still a virgin? I had asked. How could this be, she was married for 4 years to her late husband.
My friend replied “She told me he was a Democrat and all he would do is stand at the foot of the bed for 4 years telling her how good it was going to be.”

For some reason the Huffington Post decided to delete my comment, it must of hit to close to home.

The video is a message to homosexuals and people in the GLBT community and the video implies that if you were picked on in school that you’re a homosexual. This is far from the truth, I grew up in the Massachusetts school system and there were a lot of people picking on others because they enjoyed dominating them while exploiting their weaknesses.

This poses a few questions.
Why did Warren watch as children picked on other children like she claims in the video?
Why didn’t she, as a school teacher, do anything about it?

Typical liberal, blowing smoke up the butts of the gullible.
It will get better all right, it will get better when we throw these communist out of office in November.


About Mr Caps

The guy behind the guy, exposing the tyranny of the Democrat Party and other rants.
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